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Top Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Flower Child Photography, today's post is all about questions to ask before booking a wedding photographer. If you have any other questions to add, don't be afraid to leave a comment!

Let's get right into the questions!

What do your package prices start at?

When planning a wedding, one of the most important aspects is setting your budget. Sit down with your partner and figure out what your overall budget will be for the wedding and break it down into sections. About 12% of your overall budget should be spent on a photographer to make your budget stretch! Having this number pre-calculated before speaking with photographers will give you the ability to tell them your budget and see what they offer within that price. Most photographers will send you a base price for weddings a long with more hours and other add-ons offered. Some may have different packages to choose from depending on hours of coverage. The most important thing when contacting a photographer for your wedding day is to check their availability, as well as pricing, in your first message. That way you won't be let down later on if the photographer fits in your budget but can't attend your day!

What is your maximum amount of coverage?

This will vary greatly from photographer to photographer. When reaching out to businesses, have a rough estimate of how long you may need the photographer for. That way when this question is answered you can decide if they will cover enough time for your event.

Do you have a website?

This one is pretty self explanatory but I'll explain a little anyway. Asking for a photographer's official website will give you a better look into how they photograph in many different situations and times of day. It will also allow you to see what you love in their photography as well as explore more of their portfolio. If a photographer is found on social media and you love their work, I would always recommend looking at their website for a more extensive portfolio.

Can I see an entire wedding gallery?

This question may not be essential to ask. Some photographers may have an extensive wedding portfolio on their website. However, some may also have a full wedding gallery that you can take a look at. Having a look at an "official" wedding gallery will give you a better understanding of the amount and quality of the images you will receive.

When will I receive the images?

Very important to ask for those of you who don't want long wait times! Every photographer will have a different time frame on how long the editing process will take. Some may offer next day sneak peeks with a longer editing time or a shorter delivery time and no photos until the entire gallery is finished. Knowing this upfront will allow you to decide if you can wait longer for a photographers work or hire someone else. REMINDER most photographers will offer a faster delivery fee if requested. Please ask about a faster delivery before moving on to the next photographer you love. (extra fees may apply for fast delivery)

Do you offer a discount, if an engagement session and wedding package is booked with you?

When inquiring about a wedding package, if you haven't gotten an engagement session done, ask about a discount. Quite a few businesses will offer a discount of some kind off of a wedding package if you book both sessions with them. Not every photographer may have this option, but it never hurts to ask. ;)

Can we meet or FaceTime before hand?

Personally, I like to have a short meeting with my brides, grooms, or non-binary clients before their big day! I like to have time to get acquainted with each other and connect before the wedding. Getting the first meeting out of the way can make the morning intros of the wedding to your photographer a lot less stressful and awkward. If you're like me and want to get to know your photographer before hand, I recommend asking this question!

Do your packages include travel fees?

Some packages will and some won't, it all depends on the distance of travel or photographers policy. This is a good question to ask upfront to make sure that with travel fees included photography is still within your budget.

How many edited images will I receive?

How many photos do you expect? Have a rough estimate of how many photos you believe you should receive from a wedding. Amount will of course depend on time hired and how many are included within the package you paid for. If your package says unlimited, ask for an estimate of how many you will receive. The average photographer will send 500-2,500 images depending on the package and time paid for.

Can I read a contract?

For as boring as this one may sound, it is extremely important. Within a photographers contract it should disclose exactly how their policies work. Included will be refund policies as well as safety policies for all parties involved. Please read your entire contract with your photographer before signing. Know what is and isn't included in your package as well before signing the contract too!

Are you LGBTQIA+ friendly?

If you are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, this question could make or break your decision to hire a photographer. Even though we all deserve equality as human beings, some businesses may not okay will capturing a LGBTQIA+ event. You deserve to know this immediately before hiring a photographer as well. This is not for the photographers sake but for your own. I would hate to see anyone heartbroken by a photographer days before their wedding or event and have them cancel because of their prejudices. If this has happened to anyone reading this, please know that you are accepted and loved by so many. Flower Child Photography is a LQBTQIA+ friendly and accepting business. All events will be captured with dignity, respect and absolutely no judgement. Everyone deserves love, no matter who they love. #loveislove

Your wedding is an incredibly special day. Photos should be capture with as much love and care during your event as you have for each other. When hiring a photographer don't settle for anything less than what you are looking for. We will always be happy to answer as many questions as you have before booking our services. We all know how important this day is to you and everyone surrounding you.

When looking for your photographer, consider these questions and how important each of these things may be for you! Ask as many questions as you need and contact as many photographers as you love to compare prices and packages. Reminder, do not leave any photographers hanging. If you decide to not hire a photographer, please email them to let them know you no longer need their services!

Good luck on your hunt for your perfect wedding photographer!


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