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How to take Boudoir Photos at Home!

With Valentine's Day very soon and COVID-19 cancelling all professional boudoir shoot, I've decided to show you how to take some sexy photos at home. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day together as a couple or apart, some diy boudoir photos might be the perfect way to spice up your night. For those of you who may be spending the day solo, take this time to appreciate who you are and how beautiful your body is. Don't be afraid to pull out that camera and snap photos that are for your eyes only.

When it comes to preparing for a boudoir session alone or with a photographer, here are 4 tips to help you achieve stunning images.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Get in the Mood

In order to take sexy images your mind has to be in the right place. Don't force yourself to take photos when you aren't feeling yourself. Find some time during a day that you feel good, put on your favorite song and move your body. Getting your body moving might encourage you to feel a little more motivated to find a space and snap a few photos.

For some woman getting in the mood for a photoshoot may mean doing their hair and makeup or putting on the outfit they've been waiting to wear. Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and ready for the photoshoot ahead. Remember, the most important part is that you are having fun. So put on some music and don't take things too seriously!

Tip #2: Set the Scene

Setting the scene for a boudoir shoot may seem a little complicated, but trust me, it's super easy! Find a place in your home where you feel the most comfortable to take photos. If that spot happens to be your bedroom that is perfect. Use your bed to your advantage, there are a ton of different poses and angles that can be achieve in just that location. However, if you are stuck on finding a backdrop you can use a chair or a bed sheet. If using a chair, move to a location where the background is fairly empty and clean looking. Set up you phone with a timer and pose using the chair as your prop. Another simple backdrop is to use a flat bedsheet to create a hanging background. Use thumb tacks to hang the sheet from the wall and voila, a new photo background!

Tip #3: Dress for yourself

The most important part of this photoshoot will be making sure you are feeling sexy and confident. Which is why you should choose outfits that you feel sexy in to model. Don't worry about what your partner may be looking for and instead focus on if the outfit make you feel confident. Make the first part of the shoot about yourself, find what makes you feel the most confident and go with it. After that if you feel confident to try and wear something new, go for it! You are the only person who will be seeing these photos and you get to decide if anyone else sees them. Have fun, play around, and maybe try something new.

Tip #4: Relax

The most important part about this photoshoot is that you can relax and have fun. So, take some time before the shoot to take a bath, play some music, meditate. Do whatever will make you happy and relaxed before the session but also during the session. Make sure that no matter what you are having fun the entire time. If the session isn't going as planned, don't worry. Take a break and reset or try again on a different day. Just make sure that no matter what, having fun is your top priority!

5 Poses for All Body Types!

Does posing yourself intimidate you? No need to worry, here I have compiled a small list of poses that will make any body type look sexy. Make sure that when you are trying poses that you find the ones that make you feel the most empowered. Use only the poses that make you feel great and work that sexy body!

Pose #1: From behind

To execute this pose and make your butt look fantastic, pose yourself with your hand or elbows lower than the bottom half of your body. To achieve a more round looking bottom, arch your back in a downward motion.

An alternative to this is a standing pose. Position yourself looking away from the camera and turn the top half of your body to one side to look at the camera. Experiment with putting your right and left leg forward to find the best position for you. (for reference of this pose, look at drawing below)

Camera Direction: Prop the camera or phone onto a flat surface where you whole body will be in frame. Make sure to position the camera from a behind angle from your body. Do not place the camera directly behind yourself but rather slightly angled to the right or left so you can get your entire body in frame but the focus is still on your bum!

Pose #2: Lying down

This pose will be the easiest of them all! Simply find a comfortable place to lie down and position the camera over yourself either by taking a selfie with a phone or using a camera and tripod. Try taking photos with one hand while using the other hand as a way to frame your face. Your hair can also play a huge roll in this pose, so don't be afraid to play around with it.

Camera Direction: If using a camera on a tripod, try placing the camera on a downward angle and slightly overtop of yourself. Don't be afraid to play around with direct and non direct angles.

Pose #3: Stomach Posing

These poses are another few easy and flattering poses! For the first pose simply position yourself onto your stomach and tilt to one side, lift your top leg into a bent position and raise your bottom arm to support you head. Simply place your top arm in front of your body and smile at the camera.

Another easy stomach pose can be used to play peek-a-boo with nudity. While on your stomach, cross your arms in front of yourself and lift your head and upper body into a comfortable position facing the camera. If posing shirtless use your arms to cover your chest to add some more to be desired to these images.

Pose #4: Standing Poses

Some of the most basic poses can make for some fantastic shots. For the first standing pose, face the camera with your hips slightly turned to the left. Place your left foot in front of your right foot and pop your hip to the side. You can place your arms on your hips or hanging lightly down by your sides. To add extra flare, use one hand to hold your bra strap slightly off your shoulder.

For those of you who want a photo to make your butt look fantastic, this is the pose for you! Turn your body to the right facing away from the camera. Pop your front leg forward and bend your knee. Use your other leg to stabilize yourself and to push your front hip and butt forward. Use your hands to play with your hair or place a hand on your hip for a more dramatic effect. A chair can also be used in this pose to hold your front left in position. For the best result of this pose, place the camera on a slightly lower angle to accentuate your assets.

And finally an over the shoulder standing pose. To achieve this photo, turn your body a little past one of your sides so your behind can be the focus of the photo. Use your hands to play with your hair and turn your face to be in view of the camera!


Pose #5: Blanket Posing

Blanket posing is something that is easier to just view in a video and recreate. I found a Tik Tok by @bcoralboudoir, that includes some of my very favorite blanket poses. Have fun with these ones and be creative!

bcoralboudoir's page

Photo Set Inspiration

If you are like me, you're a very visual person. So for those of you who may struggle with set ideas for your photoshoot, I have attached some ideas of cute and sexy backgrounds that you can recreate in your home!

The Chair Session

Grab a chair some props and start posing! Not much else is needed in this set, just you.


The Blanket Session

To recreate a simple background like this, gather a sheet as a backdrop, some comfy pillows and a blanket. Have fun playing around with poses and objects with this simple background.

The Mirror Session

If you have a large mirror, use it girlfriend! Position the camera behind the mirror and yourself but make sure it is off to the left or right. Simply sit in front of the mirror with a timer setting on your camera ready and pose!


With these tips and posing ideas you'll be able to recreate some beautiful images on your own! I hope that everyone readying this has a loving valentine's day whether with a partner or not. And, for all the people who try out these tips or poses, remember to have fun!

Nicole Gray

Flower Child Photography

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